BCL Aviation provides helicopter to its valued clients on first come first service basis. You may kindly give your consolidated program for using the helicopter and at our end we will do necessary planning to fit you as per your requirements.

Chartering Fee:

  • Flight cost Tk.66, 000/- per hour of flight.
  • Ground Waiting Cost the first two hours is free.After two hours, waiting chargeis Tk 6,000/-per hour.
  • 25 % additional charge will be added for Aerial film shooting, leaflet dropping etc.
  • Flying on Friday & Govt. holidays additional Tk.15, 000/- will be added for each flight. 
  • Minimum flying time is 30 minutes.
  • Joy Ride from Momo In helipad to Bogra (4 Person) you have to pay Tk.1200/-

per minute.

  • Dhaka to Bogra or Bogra to Dhaka one way fare Tk. 75,000/-, For One way route

you are to confirm the flight 36 hours earlier before flight


  • Minimum two (02) working days is required to get flight approval from Civil aviation authority of Bangladesh.
  • Booking can be done by fax, email, SMS or by letter to.
  • Following informationshould be provided with your request :
  1. Route
    1. Date of Departure
    1. Time of Departure
    1. Passenger List (if passenger list include foreigners, their nationality, passport number, validity of passport to be mentioned) with occupation, address and telephone numbers.

Terms & Condition:

 100% Payment will be made before Flight.

 Prohibited Items can not be Used in flight.

 Landing place should be Identified by the concern party.

 The concern person or organization needs to provide pilot rest room and the safety of

the Helicopter

 As the Hub of the Helicopter is HSIA, Helicopter should come back half an hour before

the sun set, It is obligatory to return to the airport as per CAAB Rules.

 Maximum Luggage wait is 15KG, Luggage Size is (30"x18"x12").

 If the flight is cancelled within 24 to 12 hours before concerning the flight Forfeiture

10,000/-Taka, if the flight is cancelled 12 to 01 hours before concerning the flight

Forfeiture 20,000/- Taka, If Cancelation of flight is just before Take off no money will be returned.

 No Night Stay is allowed outside hub except Hotel Momo In. For night stay in Hotel

Momo In additional Tk.15, 000/- will be added.

 Helicopters are not rented at night.

 Flight may be cancelled or not flown due to bad weather, civil aviation restriction or

any other factors beyond our control without any prior notice. In that case money will

be refunded.