BCL Aviation Limited is an aviation wing of BCL Group. Building Construction Limited (BCL) is a Private Limited Company. TMSS is the mother organization of this company. Mr. T.M. Ali Haider is the Founder Managing Director of BCL Group.

BCL Aviation Ltd has been registered under Joint Stock Company, Dhaka in 2016. Prof. Dr. HosneAra Begum is the Founder Chairman &Mr. T.M. Ali Haider is the Founder Managing Director of BCL Aviation Limited.

As business entrepreneur, the key persons of this company have been doing their business for a long

time and have set up and successfully executed a good number of industrial undertakings. Now, as part

of its expansion program BCL Aviation Ltd has purchased helicopters for private & commercial Air

Transportation & Air Ambulance service. The project also envisages procuring more helicopters in the near future to accommodate the country’s demand for helicopter services.

BCL Aviation Limited has been started with the view to provide Air transport facilities and Air ambulance service to the North Bengal people as well as all over the country.It operates R-66 Helicopter especially for specialized Doctors bringing from Dhaka for TMSS Medical College Hospital &Rafatullah Community Hospital, Bogura. It also provides air ambulance service to carry patients to Dhaka at the earliest time due to bad condition of Dhaka-Bogura road communication and no air communication from Bogura to Dhaka.

At the same time BCL Aviation is providing emergency air ambulance and corporate/private charter

service in Bangladesh. The project will not only play a major role to meet the demand of local medical

service but also give an opportunity to the local investors for the economic development of the country.